Megha Maheshwari

- Resume


Company Name Continental Automotive Singapore Pvt Ltd
Title Senior Software Engineer / Technical Expert
Period Jan 2014-Present

. Develop widget and animations for HMI cluster displays in C++ for customers like VW, Daimler, Nissan.

. Software System Designer for HMI Toolchain in C#, WPF and GNU Make

. Develop prototypes in Computer Vision with OpenCV and Python for interior camera data


- Performance Optimization: Tool runtime down from 8 hours to 7 minutes.

- Memory Optimization: Tool Peak memory down from 7 MB to 1 MB.

- Awarded “Technical Expert” HMI Toolchain.

Company Name Continental Automotive Singapore Pvt Ltd
Title Software Engineer
Period Jan 2011-Dec 2013

. Design and Develop Tools in C# and .NET to translate model driven XML to embedded software.

. Design and develop tools to provide optimum memory configuration for animations.

Company Name A* Star ( Institute for Infocomm Research, Singapore
Title Research Intern
Period May 2010-September 2010

. Fixed point implementation issues of adaptive filters and efficient pipelined hardware implementation of adaptive filters using modified delayed LMS algorithm using Matlab and Verilog.

Company Name Aricent Technologies Holdings Limited, Gurgoan, India
Title Software Engineer
Period August 2007-August 2008

. Developed embedded software for a filter to work with Nokia Node B using C.


- Won SNAP Award for outstanding performance in the project.

- Won the best presentation award on “Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing”.


Name Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
Degree Master of Science in Embedded Systems
Period August 2009- May 2011
CGPA 4.7 / 5.0
Name National Institute of Technology, Silchar, India
Degree Bachelor of Technology in Electronics and Telecommunication
Period August 2003- June 2007
CGPA 9.38 / 10.0


E-book : Contributor to .NET performance tip published in September, 2015 :
IEEE : A High Speed FIR Adaptive Filter Architecture using a modified delayed LMS algorithm” - IEEE, ISCAS, May, 2011
Improvement in the performance of OFDM using Neural Networks” - National Conference 2007, Tezpur, Assam, India

Additional Work

Web Development
Coding : Ranked 592 out of 2817 participants in Womens Code Sprint organised by Hacker Rank on April 22,2016
Volunteer : Code written to help a student :
Additional Projects and Code Samples available in GitHub and StackOverflow


Introduction to Computer Vision (Master OpenCV in Python)- January 2017 Udemy Logo
Responsive Web Design Fundamentals - October 2016 Google Logo
Learn AngularJS step by step - August 2016 Udemy Logo
The Complete Web Developer Course - September 2015 Udemy Logo
Build Websites from Scratch with HTML & CSS - March 2015 Udemy Logo

Technical Skills

C++ / C# / Design Patterns / Algorithms and Data Structures

90% Complete (success)90%

HTML / CSS / Twitter Bootstrap / Test Driven Development

90% Complete (success)90%

Version Control Software - Mercurial / GitHub / MKS

70% Complete (success)90%

Automotive Tools - EB Guide / Widget Animation Framework

90% Complete (success)90%


85% Complete (success)85%

Debugging Tools - Multi IDE / Chrome Dev Tools / Hex Dump / CAN Trace Simulation

80% Complete (success)80%

Image Processing tools - .NET Image Library/ Imagick / GIMP

70% Complete (success)70%

Angular JS / Javascript / PHP

60% Complete (success)60%

Open CV / Computer Vision Algorithms / Matlab

50% Complete (success)50%



100% Complete (success)100%


100% Complete (success)100%


100% Complete (success)100%


100% Complete (success)50%

Hobbies and Interests